At Blackwell & Edwards we focus on Family
and Divorce related issues such as...
In some cases it may be necessary to establish a Legal
at Blackwell & Edwards we can help make that determination.
The dependent spouse in the relationship may be entitled to Alimony
           and PSS
We can help guide you through this complex financial issue.
No Family Law issue can cause more emotion than that of Child
We understand these emotions and are here to protect your children's interest.
The State of North Carolina has developed complex guidelines concerning Child
Let our firm navigate you through this difficult financial process
The property and debts of a marriage are divided in North Carolina by Equitable
Our Firm will help you to determine what your share of the assets will be.


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Divorce is not  easy.  A legal separation is one of the most difficult and emotional experiences that one can go thru.  No one should have to go it alone.  In Fayetteville, NC you can rest assured that the Law Firm of Blackwell and Edwards, p.a.  is ready to assist you in the difficult legal issues that come along with a Divorce.  Our goal is to help people in Fayetteville overcome the obstacles that they may face along the road thru a separation and divorce.  Divorce is not only an emotionally trying experience, but it can be a financially devastating one, as well. From legal fees and alimony payments, to the child support and the division of assets, the costs can seem truly daunting. The law firm of Blackwell & Edwards, p.a. can guide you thru the financial aspects of the process.

We can assist you in all of your family law needs such as custody, child support, alimony, equitable distribution, domestic violence and paternity.

We are located here in Cumberland County and can meet all your divorce and family law needs

Whether you have a high income complex divorce case, need a Fayetteville child custody lawyer for a difficult custody dispute, or need a prenuptial agreement, we are available to assist and guide you. Our Fayetteville Law Firm are relentless advocates, but always compassionate about your unique situation.

At Blackwell & Edwards,  we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and on our strong advocacy on your behalf. We support you through the difficult process of your family law litigation. Be assured that we will advise you of your options every step of the way, and that we will help keep things in perspective during these highly volatile and emotional times.

We have roots throughout the local and legal communities

We live and work in the Fayetteville area and have a commitment to serving the Cumberland County community.  The firm's progressive, creative, approach is highly regarded and the hard-working staff is proud of its successes.

We recognize the value of reducing stress by helping our clients work toward one of the more cooperative types of divorce whenever possible. We are skilled in divorce mediation to help spouses come to agreement before going to court.

Skilled in all types of divorce litigation and mediation


As child custody lawyers,  we have the experience and skills needed to find creative solutions that both parents accept while fully protecting the best interests of the children.

As Family Court attorneys we deal not only with issues of divorce, custody, alimony, and support, but also with all related issues that may include insurance, pensions, taxation, and property.

A strong focus on the needs of your children

Committed to Our Community

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