Visitation Custody

Fayetteville Visitation Custody Lawyer

As child custody lawyers, we have the experience and skills needed to find creative solutions that both parents accept while fully protecting the best interests of the children.  During a divorce, custody may be the most emotional issue under discussion.  In North Carolina, there are a number of ways that a decision can be made regarding where children will live, and what the visitation schedule will be.

Sad girl listening to her fighting parents
a parent holds the hand of a small child

Guidance on NC Visitation Custody

North Carolina law protects parental rights. Ultimately, the courts operate under the principle that the best interests of the of the child must be reached.  Rather than going to court, many parents opt to reach settlement through discussions and mediation until a solution is found that is acceptable to both parties.  Since parents ultimately have the best understanding of their children and of their own family dynamics, seeking to avoid court may allow space for an amicable settlement to be reached.  Whatever your preferences or situation, reach out to Blackwell & Edwards for guidance on North Carolina visitation custody laws.  We’re Fayetteville’s trusted child custody law firm.