Best Family Law Attorney in Fayetteville NC

You’re at, so it won’t come as a surprise to hear that we believe we’re the best family law attorneys in Fayetteville, NC.

That’s why we like to let others do the talking for us:



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“I highly recommend Tim Edwards. He and his staff made a difficult time in my life with custody of my child easier very professional & aggressive definitely want him on your side.”

“Outstanding lawyer and community leader. One of the top family lawyers in the area.”

“I am writing this review on my experience with Tim Edwards as my attorney in an extremely difficult divorce case. It would be an understatement on my part to just say Tim did a great job….. he was absolutely incredible. His attention to detail, his knowledge of the law and most importantly his legal strategy were top notch! He made sure my interests were fully protected. I would recommend Tim to anyone seeking an extremely talented, dedicated, professional attorney. He is absolutely the best!!”

“I highly recommend Attorney Timothy Edwards if you are going through a custody battle. He and his staff are caring, courteous, ethical, thorough, and basically, get the job done. I had an extremely difficult custody case in which *it appeared* the deck was stacked against me. He proved, without a doubt, that I was not only a fit parent, but an excellent one. The bottom line– if your children are priceless to you, you cannot go wrong hiring Blackwell and Edwards. They are worth every penny.”

How to pick a family law attorney

With so many excellent family law attorneys in Fayetteville, North Carolina, how do you pick the one that’s right for you? Here are a few things to look out for:

  1. Aggressive advocacy
  2. Compassionate support
  3. Specialized experience
  4. Results

Let’s dive into each.

1. Aggressive advocacy

Family law proceedings can get emotional and messy. When choosing representation, look for a lawyer who you feel will be professional while aggressively representing your interests.

“I had Tim Edwards in 2010 as my Divorce lawyer. He was very aggressive. I would recommend Mr Edwards if you are getting divorced!”

– Client Review

2. Compassionate support

Child custody and divorce proceedings can be an emotionally difficult experience. Along with the financial repercussions, from alimony payments to child support to division of assets, it can be overwhelming.

When choosing a law firm to work with, find someone who you feel can guide you through these difficulties with thoughtfulness and compassion, and who can give you an honest assessment of all of your options.

“One of the areas that I commend Mr. Edwards in, is his honesty. Not once has he ever misled me or gave me false hope… Mr. Edwards also displayed a genuine investment and interest into my case as he would ensure he did all he could to get me the most desired outcome in any situation.”

– Client Review

3. Specialized experience

In some cases of divorce or legal separation, you may need someone with experience in your specific situation.

For example, military divorce comes with its own unique considerations. In addition to a full understanding of civilian divorce laws, military divorce lawyers need to understand military laws affecting divorce. For military service personnel stationed in Fort Bragg (or abroad), experienced military divorce attorneys like the ones at Blackwell & Edwards are vital for guiding you through this process.

Collaborative family law is another area of specialization you may look for. In collaborative family law, each spouse hires a lawyer and the parties work to find a mutually acceptable agreement together.

4. Results

If there’s one thing more important than any other when choosing a divorce lawyer, it’s this: results.

Evaluate your lawyer for their ability to accomplish what you’re looking for.

“Attorney Edwards was able to bring a level-headed approach to my case and always stayed the course in terms of keeping focus on a equitable settlement. This was made even more difficult by my ex and his attorney as they were highly unreasonable, made false accusations against both myself and Mr. Edwards.

Never once did Mr. Edwards lose his cool despite these challenges, instead he displayed an unparalleled level of emotional intelligence which kept the case on-track. Mr. Edwards won my case.