Order Modification

Fayetteville Order Modification Lawyer

As your situation changes after a divorce, there are circumstances where child custody and child support can be modified.  There isn’t a limitation on which parent can seek to modify an order.  The first thing to determine is whether anything has changed with your situation that might enable order modification.  Two common scenarios involve (1) a change of circumstances (such as change in income, change in the child’s needs, etc) or (2) violation of court order.  

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Your Trusted Advocate

If you’re eligible to bring a motion for order modification, courts will consider factors like whether the change in circumstances is enough to warrant an order change, and whether it would be in the best interest of the child.  In Fayetteville and Cumberland county, contact Blackwell & Edwards for help determining whether you meet the requirements for order modification, and if so, to consult on a plan for doing so in a way that helps you meet your goals.