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In the course of a divorce, if one party shows they are dependent on the other, alimony may become an issue. Alimony, also known as spousal support, is paid from the supporting party to the dependent party.  

In North Carolina, alimony statutes outline the factors that guide courts in determining whether alimony applies. Determining alimony is highly complex and requires experienced counsel to guide you through the process.

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Trusted Spousal Support Attorneys

At Blackwell & Edwards, we understand that alimony cases are highly emotional and contentious.

Our clients trust us to handle the situation with compassion and expertise.  

If you need representation in a divorce that may include spousal support or child support, reach out to us today to discuss options.  As divorce and alimony lawyers, we’re trusted throughout Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, and Cumberland County.

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Client Review

I hired Mr. Edwards to handle a spousal support case that went to trial

"I would highly recommend Mr. Edwards. I hired Mr. Edwards five years ago to handle a temporary child custody, temporary child support & spousal support case that went to trial. He went on to handle my permanent child custody and support case that also went to trial. My divorce decree was also finalized by Mr. Edwards.

Later, Mr. Edwards handled the hearing when child support was adjusted because a minor had aged out of the system. He then handle multiple motions for contempt of court I was forced to file to have my former spouse comply with the court orders in effect. There has almost constantly been one contempt of court motion or another going for the last four years due to the noncompliance of my former spouse.

In the last five years of watching family law cases being heard in Fayetteville I have learned there are two important attributes a family law attorney must possess. A proficient attorney requires a good working knowledge of family law & case precedent. Secondly, an excellent attorney must have the ability to cultivate good relationship with other attorneys and the judges. It is a significant factor in any case if the attorney is well liked and respected by his peers and judges. Mr. Edwards exemplifies these qualities.

Some of my case fell out of state guidelines and required a the presiding judge to reach a reasonable conclusion. In court, Mr. Edwards was able to provide me with a strong argument of the circumstances based on his knowledge of the law and case precedent. Mr. Edwards is a steady individual to have at the helm of your case during what is an emotional time for you as the client.

I have used Mr. Edwards for the past five years and continue to do so because of his commitment to my case. I appreciate the time and attention his staff devotes to the case. The Blackwell & Edwards firm has been a strong advocate for my children and me. They have actively promoted the best interest of my children using their expertise, compassion and honed command of the Cumberland County legal system.

It is important to remember that you have obligations as a client. An attorney representation is only as strong as the information you provide to them is COMPLETE. Keep your financial records organized and always bring them with you. Keep detailed time lines of events. Make copies of everything. Documentation and communication is your burden. Educate yourself on the process. Ask questions! A bad experience can be the result of the client not fulfilling their obligations.

Outside of the courtroom Mr. Edwards devotes much of his own time and generously give of his own resources to multiple causes in our community. He is dedicated to helping families find medical care they can afford, advocates for children, promotes metal health non-profits and seeks to improve education facilities. This speaks volumes of the heart and sensitivity of Mr. Edwards."