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Domestic violence is a form of abuse that can take the form of physical violence, or the imminent threat of physical violence leading to emotional distress.  

If you’ve experienced domestic violence, it’s important to seek help immediately and understand your options.  In North Carolina, there are laws that can provide quick protection to victims of domestic violence.

We understand that sometimes the circumstances may not necessitate a domestic violence order. We at Blackwell and Edwards have experience in defending the wrongfully accused in these types of cases.

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Protective Orders

While the most common form of domestic violence is violence against women, domestic violence can also apply in other situations in North Carolina.

In addition to married couples, domestic violence can also apply to two people who are dating, a children and their parents or grandparents, and other circumstances. Working with a lawyer, you can get a protective order to protect yourself from someone who is abusive.  

Contact the attorneys at Blackwell & Edwards today to better understand the options for your situation, and to get quick and effective legal help and protection. We work with clients facing domestic violence throughout Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, and Cumberland County.

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