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A Fayetteville Divorce Attorney Who Advocates Aggressively

Divorce isn't easy.  A legal separation is one of the most difficult and emotional experiences you can go through.  No one should have to go it alone.  

Finding the right divorce lawyer can help the whole process go sooner. In Fayetteville, NC, you can rest assured that the Law Firm of Blackwell and Edwards, P.A. is ready to assist you in the difficult legal issues that come along with a divorce, from alimony to child support to property division.

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We're By Your Side During This Difficult Process

Our goal is to help people in Fayetteville overcome the obstacles that they may face along the road through a legal separation and divorce.

Divorce is not only an emotionally trying experience, but it can be a financially devastating one, as well.  From legal fees and alimony payments, to child support and the division of assets, the costs can seem truly daunting.

Blackwell & Edwards can guide you through this complex process as your Fayetteville divorce attorneys. We also specialize in supporting clients through the military divorce process in Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, and Cumberland county.

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Client Review

"There is a reason he is repeatedly given the award for best Divorce attorney in Cumberland county"

"I have had Mr. Edwards as an attorney for 3.5 years now. He has covered my Divorce and Family Custody concerns. I can say over this time period, he and his staff have always displayed the utmost professionalism and integrity. They take extreme pride in their work and their clients satisfaction. One of the areas that I commend Mr. Edwards in, is his honesty. Not once has he ever misled me or gave me false hope. He 100% has always been honest and upfront on what outcome he thinks will occur. This expectation management and transparency is something you will be hard pressed to find in other attorneys. They are a dedicated staff and will work around your schedule when needed.

Mr. Edwards also displayed a genuine investment and interest into my case as he would ensure he did all he could to get me the most desired outcome in any situation. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone in need of a Divorce or Family law attorney in Fayetteville, NC or the surrounding area. There is a reason he is repeatedly given the award for best Divorce attorney in Cumberland county.

Highly knowledgeable, dedicated, motivated, and genuine are some of the adjectives to describe Mr. Edwards. I'd like to thank him and his staff for the years of hard work and dedication to my family and I. And good luck to anyone else out there struggling with their own family law concerns. Do yourself a favor, and setup a consultation with Mr. Edwards."