Property Division

Fayetteville Property Division Lawyer

In a divorce or legal separation, property division can be a contentious issue.  Outcomes in North Carolina tend towards an equitable distributions of marital assets.  However, that doesn’t mean that property division is simple or clear-cut.  There are a many outstanding factors in addition to your own preferences and priorities to take into account, and the division of liabilities, non-liquid assets, retirement benefits, and other variables mean that it takes experience to effectively handle property division.

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Reaching A Satisfactory Resolution

At Blackwell & Edwards, we can help you navigate this sensitive territory with compassion while advocating aggressively for your interests and goals.  We work with you to consider what the most effective strategy will be, provide counsel on property division questions and help you to reach a satisfactory resolution.  We’re trusted as property division lawyers throughout Fayetteville, Cumberland County and surrounding areas.  Contact us today to explore your options.