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In a divorce or legal separation, property division can be a contentious issue.  

Outcomes in North Carolina tend towards an equitable distributions of marital assets.  However, that doesn’t mean that property division is simple or clear-cut.  

There are a many outstanding factors in addition to your own preferences and priorities to take into account, and the division of liabilities, non-liquid assets, retirement benefits, and other variables mean that it takes experience to effectively handle property division.

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We Advocate Aggressively for Your Property Division Goals

At Blackwell & Edwards, we can help you navigate this sensitive territory with compassion while advocating aggressively for your interests and goals.  

We work with you to consider what the most effective strategy will be, provide counsel on property division questions and help you to reach a satisfactory resolution.  

We’re trusted as property division lawyers throughout Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Cumberland County and surrounding areas.  Contact us today to explore your options.

Understanding Equitable Distribution in North Carolina

Rather than dividing assets 50/50, equitable distribution seeks to divide assets (and debts) based on the financial contributions of each party.

Equitable distribution in North Carolina seeks to take into account, among other elements:

  • The income each spouse brought into the marriage
  • Child custody and child support needs
  • Financial needs of each party

In general, the equitable distribution process offers more flexibility than community property states.

The amount that each party is entitled to depends on how they advocate for themselves.

That’s why it’s critical to work with a North Carolina divorce lawyer who can advocate for you aggressively. In equitable distribution states, strong legal representation can ensure you receive the full, fair amount you’re entitled to.

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Client Review

"No one besides Mr. Edwards would have been able to get my family and me the results that he did."

"I have been working with Mr. Edwards and his staff since 2016. They have assisted me from my initial separation agreement all the way through my divorce and the ensuing custody battle.

Mr. Edwards has always been very upfront with me, making sure I understood the paths toward my desired results and the most likely outcomes associated. No one besides Mr. Edwards would have been able to get my family and me the results that he did.

His hard work and dedication to my case has changed my family's lives forever. No one looks forward to needing an attorney, but when the time comes know that there is no better team to take care of you and your family."