Prenuptial Agreements

Fayetteville Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Marriage is an exciting time.  It’s also a time of substantial changes in the legal obligations between you and your spouse.  Your financial assets and obligations will be tied together.  While no one enters a marriage thinking about divorce, if a divorce or separation should happen, a prenuptial agreement can set legally binding expectations clearly in advance.

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Compassionate Advocates

At Blackwell & Edwards, we understand that discussing prenuptial agreements is a sensitive topic.  We employ a compassionate approach that also takes your interests into account in the unfortunate event of a divorce or separation.  If one party has substantial debts or specific assets to protect, plans to pass on property in a specific way after death, or in numerous other scenarios, it could be a good idea to consider a prenuptial agreement.  Our law firm assists with prenuptial agreements in Fayetteville, Cumberland County and surrounding areas.  Contact us today to better understand your options.