Collaborative Family Law

Resolution Without Going to Court

Collaborative Family Law can spare you and your family time, money and stress by avoiding court, and embracing a collaborative rather than adversarial solution to the legal issues that arise as a relationship ends. CFL is driven by family law attorneys who encourage both parties to come a resolution out of court through good faith efforts, over the course of a series of meetings. If CFL doesn't allow the parties to come to a resolution, they can file a lawsuit in court, but any discussions and negotiations during the CFL process are inadmissable.

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Less Time, Less Money, Less Stress

CFL allows you to control your own meetings and negotiations, rather than this schedule being driven by a court, and can result in a better relationship on both sides and a more amicable resolution. At Blackwell & Edwards, we support Fayetteville-area spouses interested in CFL, and strive to reach a resolution that all parties are happy with without the need to go to court.