Legal Separation

Fayetteville Legal Separation Lawyer

While divorce is a final judgment legally dissolving a marriage, legal separation happens when a married couple starts living in separate domiciles and intends to continue living separately.  Parties must be separated at least one year before a divorce.  A separation may give spouses time to understand whether to proceed with divorce or to attempt reconciliation.  

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Separation Agreements

Prior to filing for divorce and during a separation period, spouses can enter into a Separation and Property Settlement Agreements resolving legal issues such as Custody, Child Support, Alimony and Property Division. Separation Agreements are helpful in that they are private and can be less costly and time consuming than going to Court. Separation Agreements should be drafted by a knowledgeable Family Law Attorney to protect your rights and avoid future litigation over vague or unenforceable provisions.

Extensive Family Law Experience

If you’re contemplating legal separation, consider reaching out to an attorney in advance of your separation to discuss your situation and review options.  At Blackwell & Edwards, our extensive experience in family law can help you determine whether legal separation or divorce is the wisest course, depending on the goals of you and your spouse, and depending on the possibility of reconciliation.  As legal separation lawyers, we’re trusted throughout Fayetteville and Cumberland County.

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