2014 North Carolina Bar Association Citizen Lawyer Award

Tim Edwards received the Citizen Lawyer Award from the North Carolina Bar Association in 2014.

What is the Citizen Lawyer Award?

The award recognizes lawyers who exemplify service: public service, nonprofit work, political work, military service, and volunteering with youth programs and religious groups.

Tim Edwards is vice chair and chair of development for the Child Advocacy Center. He is also fundraiser chair for Better Health of Cumberland County, vice president of the Carolina Civic Center, and a host for the Care Clinic Dinner. He is active with St John’s Episcopal Church.

Here’s what Tim Edwards said about the being a citizen lawyer:

“Being a citizen lawyer allows me to take on a different role in the community as opposed to the more adversarial role in my professional life. I genuinely feel blessed in my career as a lawyer. Because of how fortunate I have been, I feel led to and truly enjoy working on the non-profit boards that I have chosen. So often people complain about the community where they live and work. I find that those people, quite frequently, have done nothing to invest themselves in their community. They have done nothing to change the problems that they see or to make better the complaints that they have. I see volunteer work as an investment – an investment in my community and an investment in my life.”